Many animals inhabit Geris. Most are common enough to easily assume where they would reside. Other, more exotic or magical creatures live there too, among these are some unique to this world.

Ringablost - This race of creatures have their society beneath the waves of the Alteas Ocean. They were created magically and forgotten as failures. Despite that, they have survived. They stand roughly as tall as an elf and have a blue tint to their skin. Gills allow them to breath water and lungs allow them to survive on land. They also have a 3ft long tail that acts as a rudder.

Darklight - This small creature is much like a mouse in habit but nothing like it in looks. The most that can be seen of the creature in normal circumstances is a corona of darkness surrounding it. They stand anywhere between 6" and 2' in hight. They only have two legs, no arms. The number of eyes vary between each individual. When frightened they emit a painful screech to deter would be predators. They aren't much of a burden, less than a pack of mice. They eat other rodents and insects, generally leaving the food of anything else alone. They are good to use as alarms, provided you can catch the little things..

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