Einkil Torrun

Race: Mountain Dwarf

Einkil was born and raised in the Star Mountains of Dorshire. The stronghold of Xeranith is the home of all Torruns. He showed exceptional 'people' skills and was quickly tasked to be the clan ambassador. True to his call, he formed many strong alliances with far reaching kingdoms. One journey in particular cost him his former life. While making a treaty with the empire of Toldoth, a dragon started a war, by destroying the Emperor's castle. He grouped with others who lost much in the attack and brought the dragon down, losing two friends. In line with the clans customs, Einkil was not able to return to the stronghold for failing in his task as ambassador. He was devastated and lost. Over the course of twenty years the wound became a scar, but he was able to continue. He traveled all over the world of Geris, bringing much needed justice. Originally an aristocrat, he was forced to learn the ways of warriors. His fame grew. People began to seek him out to ask his assistance.

A righteous fire kindled within and he used his hammer in the name of a now dead god. He rose in the ranks of the paladins. The god took personal interest in him. A quest was given Einkil that changed the face of several islands, or rather erased them. A terrible unnamable evil shrouded the lands and water in between. The threat of a full scale demonic invasion was underway. The angels and archons didn't deem it important enough to aid, their masters had no worshipers in that dominion. The full brunt of the hell that ensued fell squarely on Einkil. At times, sheer tenacity and unshakable dwarven stubbornness pushed him forward. Understanding the peril this posed, the god channeled power through the dwarf at key lay lines to stifle and finally defeat the hoards. The shattered body of Einkil floated in the new section of ocean for what seemed an eternity. A fitting reward for a true hero.

The god healed him and whisked him away to begin another journey. He spoke a phrase along his next journeys, "Rest is a sign of failure." His demeanor turned dark and brooding. His tasks grew harder and more hellish. The dwarf never let the task turn his head. Following the righteous path to the end. He learned good cannot exist without evil. Without it, good would eat itself to nothing in an attempt to purify itself more. He never questioned his god or task, because knew his role in the larger view.

Finally, a task came to him that no other could accomplish. Through his many travels, he learned the ways of the wizards and rogues. Knew how to use anything to his advantage. Uncountable blackguards fell to his might. The task bestowed upon him was not from his god. It was from all gods. No god could even accomplish the task. No history was written of his journeys, nor the prices payed. He was destroyed in the task, but returned to life as a reward. The gods decreed Einkil would live until he decided it was time. That was 5000 years ago. His retirement continues as he tools away as a blacksmith in the city of Dorshire. Still not accepted into his birthplace of Xeranith.

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