A comprehensive list of important or notable people will be made eventually. For now, I will just list a few. This is just a brief overview of these people.

Einkil Torrun - This dwarf is a former adventurer turned tradesman. The Torrun clan no longer allows him within the walls of the stronghold, but he doesn't seem to be overly bothered by it. He is kind hearted but gruff. Still an adventurer at heart, he loves to hear stories of the world.

The Lutrhek Family - This family consists of the father, Rurovolis Lutrhek, and his three sons, Barettor, Lurato, and Torian. They have garnered much wealth and renown from bounties and various contracts. Rurovolis has been accepted as the marshal of the island of Dorshire. Oh, and they are hobgoblins.

Elok - A lawman most of his life, he is in second command of Rurovolis. He has served in the kingdom's army and as the kings personal guard. He is burly and intimidating, but he is actually rather kind.

Crangoth Molta - Judge Molta is what he prefers to go by. As a dwarf from the Molta clan, he was naturally inclined to deal in law. He slowly worked his way to the high court of his clan.

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